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I've been a Life Coach for years, but I've never seen anything like this. Disruptive and revolutionary... Oola’s unique coaching framework and practice-building tools change everything. If you've ever thought about helping others by being a certified life coach, the time is now and the certification is Oola!

Most people dream of having the perfect life.  But what stops them? Work, family issues, financial pressures and the hectic pace of living get in the way.They’ve forgotten what it’s like to passionately pursue something they want to do. They’ve lost meaning in their life—working at a job they hate for a paycheck that barely pays the bills. And finding time for friends, fun, church, or self care? Of course there’s no bandwidth for that. Worst of all, they simply don’t have a plan for moving forward and getting to where they want to be.

Now YOU can help them change their lives with a word: #Oola.

When you become a Certified Oola Life Coach, you’ll use Oola’s proven formula to coach people from all walks of life—via private coaching calls and even in small group settings if you like, anywhere in the world or in any industry you choose—using professionally written curriculum materials, knockout audio-visual tools, and beautiful marketing campaigns that Oola has developed specifically for your use.

Not only that, but you’ll begin working personally with Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl (aka “The OolaGuys”) every month—along with their elite crew of Oola Master Coaches and marketers who’ll not only support you in adding an exciting new professional path or side hustle to your life, but also help you achieve your own lifestyle goals, immersing yourself in this work and becoming a true Oola ambassador who’s crushing it in every area.

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What could you be doing as an
Oola Life Coach?

Now, that I’m a Certified Oola Life Coach, I am ready to take my coaching work to the next level . . . and you should, too.
In fact, the most rewarding moments in my career have been in the Life Coaching industry. Helping people break through what’s been holding them back for years (and getting paid to do it) . . . that’s what I call a dream job!
Plus, Oola even helps you get clients with professional-looking tools like this free Life Planner (it will help you, too).

What could you being doing as an Oola Life Coach?

  • For starters, you can use your customized link to send prospective coaching clients to where Oola’s professional marketing content will sell them a 10-week coaching program on your behalf. They’ll get weekly tutorials from Oola—plus, more importantly—they’ll get YOU as a dedicated Coach tasked with keeping them focused and accountable to making progress on their goals! Once a client’s program is nearing completion, you can sell them future packaged Oola coaching programs or sell your own individual, free-form coaching sessions. You earn substantial fees on the 10-week Oola coaching program, plus you can charge whatever you wish on coaching hours of your own—keeping 100% of your hourly rate.
  • You can also use Oola’s professionally designed materials—PowerPoint slides, video modules, handouts and scripts—to deliver powerful keynote speeches, lead public workshops, or hold small-group meetups at the office, church, or in your local city…wherever you see a need—online now and in-person when things open up again. Charge for these information-packed speaking engagements—or speak for free as a way to sign up new coaching clients for your growing practice.
  • Oola will even give you the tools you need to hold half-day workshops or online workshop series for specific populations such as women, Christians, executives, or people in transition—either as a bold, new career move or nice side hustle.
  • Of course, you could use the proven Oola coaching techniques to grow, motivate and create long-term loyalty in a network marketing or direct-selling downline—building people from the ground up. Keep your team focused and productive, then watch them reach the tipping point—while your personal earnings soar.
  • Or how about using the Oola lifestyle strategies to hold online events and build an influencer following (hint: Oola will give you powerful social media tools to market your coaching practice!)
  • And if you’re already delivering other training modalities—such as yoga, Reiki or 12-Step—you can easily overlay the Oola formula onto your existing topics…giving people a total road map for success.
  • Finally, some of Oola’s more adventurous fans have informally used the Oola guidelines to become professional trainers in the corporate world, women’s market, and social services arena—traveling, training and transforming people around the world. Can you see yourself doing that one day?

Do You Have a Heart for Helping People?

Since Dave and Troy began training Oola Life Coaches, hundreds of people from every background imaginable have joined them—from 4 continents, 19 countries, and all 50 U.S. states. They’ve talked personally with every single one of them to ask what inspired them to become an Oola Life Coach. By far, their most frequent answer was...

Helping people.

If you have the heart of a teacher and love to guide people in transition, need or uncertainty, the OolaGuys can attest that coaching—more than any other calling—gives you the opportunity to change lives and show people a better path than the overwhelmed, overscheduled, and overburdened life they’re living now. As an Oola Life Coach yourself, you’ll be in good company with colleagues like these:

There’s no right or wrong way to use the Oola Coaching program. But just in case you’re wondering if your plans for coaching will fit with the Oola model, why not talk to one of our Advisor Coaches about your idea? They’ll be happy to discuss how to build an exciting career and lucrative income in your chosen area.

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Of course, growing your new coaching practice will be easier than you think.

In fact, Oola's marketing campaigns, social media posts, and publicity tools are professionally designed to promote you as a Certified Oola Life Coach!

Whether you decide to run your coaching business full-time—or work with clients just a few hours a week—Oola’s marketing materials are designed to educate your prospects on the benefits of working with a coach to achieve the Oola Lifestyle! Not only that, but they’ve recruited the same team that has successfully built major coaching and training brands for more than 25 years to professionally write and produce these tools for you.

Sign up as a Certified Oola Life Coach and you’ll regularly get powerful new campaigns like these:

You’ll receive:

  1. professionally written list-building tweets and Facebook posts to promote your coaching services and build your social media following!
  2. professionally written emails you can send to your address book to help you recruit coaching clients . . . plus additional emails for registering attendees for a webinar, workshop, downline training or other event.
  3. professionally written blog posts for you to customize and post on your blog
  4. a press release you can complete and submit to hundreds of media outlets using the written instructions included
  5. a professionally written and designed newspaper ad for recruiting clients locally (simply drop in your contact information and submit to a local newspaper)

Plus, remember, Oola keeps sending you professionally written, designed, and produced marketing materials on a regular basis as long as you remain a Certified Oola Life Coach.

No other certified coach-training program delivers the kind of marketing materials that they do (in fact, most don’t provide any). Plus, each campaign comes with detailed instructions for how to deploy these campaigns easily—via email, through your social media accounts, with the local newspaper, inside your industry or niche market, as part of your own blog or Instagram stories, via webinars, even text-messaging…there are literally dozens of campaigns to choose from, plus suggestions on when to use each as part of your professional marketing efforts.

But don’t worry if you’re not experienced with marketing. Because Oola will also be promoting Certified Oola Life Coaches regularly to their one million+ social media followers!

Once you complete the Oola Life Coach training, you’ll be certified to lead clients through the unique Oola-branded coaching programs—and that’s something the OolaGuys want to shout about! In fact, they’ll regularly promote Oola Coaching Programs to over 1 million+ social media followers—with special encouragement to seek out a Certified Oola Life Coach to work with.

As an important marketing tool—included with your ongoing certification—you’ll get a detailed listing in Oola's online Directory of Coaches at that promotes your coaching practice and lists all the information a potential client would need to get started working with you.It’s just one more marketing benefit that we’ve built into this outstanding coach-development opportunity.

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Along the way, you’ll benefit personally from working with the Oola Guys every month…
immersing yourself in this powerful curriculum.

To make sure that you’re growing in expertise—as a coach, a speaker, and a representative of the Oola lifestyle—Oola has built in powerful training modules to help YOU excel at living the Oola lifestyle, too. Not only will you be immersing yourself in the Oola curriculum, but you’ll join the OolaGuys—Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy—every month for ongoing group advice that will benefit you personally. Let them help you start amplifying every area of your life with seasoned advice on applying the Oola principles to finances, fitness, relationships, faith, career, and more!

They’ll help you become a better businessperson. You’ll discover Oola’s simple secret to time management. They’ll help you hone your speaking and training skills. You’ll learn how to focus on your goals and say no to activities that no longer serve you. They’ll even help you tackle the 7 F’s of Oola—insuring you become a role model of the Oola lifestyle for your coaching clients, friends, spouse and kids.

Not only that, but you’ll become part of their “inner circle”—invited to attend Oola events as one of our elite Certified Oola Life Coaches, including entrance to VIP sessions just for coaches—plus private retreats and seminars they’re planning* around the country and around the world.

* Location fee and/or travel costs may apply.

Get ready for your first VIP “immersion” experience with us: Private Career planning with an Oola Master Coach + Your Ticket to OolaPalooza LIVE!

Their annual OolaPalooza Live event has become legendary with Oola readers and followers—and with limited seating, it sells out every year. Over two days, the OolaGuys teach attendees every aspect of the Oola formula, then send them home with their own written plan for crushing it (big time!) in the coming year. While that alone sounds like a lot (and enough to make it an amazing event), to insiders like you who are focused on personal growth and human potential, it’s clear that OolaPalooza is so much more.

For instance, they help people break through what’s been holding them back for years: the fear and self-worth issues that have plagued them since childhood. They help people break through limiting beliefs they’ve developed over time—leaving behind the past mistakes and pain that has kept them shackled. They also help attendees discover their exciting and compelling life purpose, and—when that lightbulb goes on for them—watch out! They can actually see their new life, plan the changes they’re about to make, and understand the commitments they’re beginning to own. On the final day, as each attendee stands up and walks toward the brightly lit stage, taking the microphone to voice their new dream…it’s a breathtaking sight you just have to see for yourself.

As one of our newest Oola Life Coaches, the OolaGuys want you to be at OolaPalooza
not only to see how they teach the Oola lifestyle principles, but also to learn how to “process” students as they make major life breakthroughs! As an added benefit to your Certified Oola Life Coach training, you’ll receive a FREE TICKET* to OolaPalooza Live.

The next OolaPalooza Live available for coaches takes place in December 2021. If you’ve ever wanted to attend OolaPalooza, act now to claim one of the remaining tickets and join them then. It’s a huge value that’s yours free with your Oola Life Coach registration.

Of course, your VIP experience as an Oola Life Coach doesn't stop there.

Just to be sure you’re solidly on board and ready to benefit personally from your future as a Certified Oola Life Coach, you’ll be invited to join one of Oola’s Master Coaches for a career planning call where you’ll be welcomed aboard as the newest Oola Life Coach! You’ll learn how to best study the professional Oola Coach training materials… you'll pinpoint and start overcoming your biggest hurdle to success as a coach… and your master coach will even help you dream a little—making plans for how you want your coaching business to roll out, whether doing one-on-one coaching, small group trainings, professional speaking, adding the Oola formula to a current business, or something else.

But don’t mistake this call as a simple meet-and-greet—or brief chat. Don’t miss out on this important benefit to your future. This is your time to get seasoned advice on what you can do with your business, career, life and future once you’re certified as an Oola Life Coach.

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* Entrance ticket and participant materials are free. Travel costs are responsibility of participant.

Even more importantly, our easy-to-follow training modules will help you bring about lasting change in your coaching clients.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll receive:


Access to Oola's private, online education portal containing over two dozen video-training modules featuring Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy teaching you the basic Oola concepts and providing you with training advice to help you deliver the Oola formula to others with confidence. All videos are accessible 24/7 and can be reviewed again and again, as long as you remain an Oola Coach.


Access to the same 10-week Oola Lifestyle Coaching curriculum your clients will be studying—plus exercises, worksheets and coaching tools you’ll be distributing and using weekly with them as they implement the Oola strategies.


Advance notice on new and specific Coaching Programs such as debt reduction, discipline, fitness, time management, and other topics you can sell to your existing clients—plus the exercises, worksheets and coaching tools you’ll need to work with them as they implement the Oola strategies.


Written scripts and professionally designed PowerPoint slide decks for delivering each of the following workshop formats: one-hour keynote; two-hour workshop; and webinar (including a Zoom call). Don’t feel confident enough to stand in front of an audience and teach the Oola principles? We make it easy with our beautifully designed materials and word-for-word scripts—complete with facilitator notes, handouts, and more.


A sample booking contract for trainers and speakers AND a sample speakers kit—two marketing documents you can model to start looking professional, seasoned and ready to get hired by meeting planners, companies, churches and other organizations! We even include a complete “Supplies and Equipment List” to help you set up your training room, home party or other event (including webinars). Be sure to check the legal language of the booking contract with your own legal advisor.

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Become a confident presenter, influencer or thought-leader as a way to grow your coaching practice or other business.

Over the years (and almost by accident), the Oola movement has become one of the world’s most effective “incubators” for people in leadership roles. That’s you! From direct selling and network marketers leaders… to popular authors, bloggers and influencers… to Christian thought-leaders and professional speakers, Oola has not only inspired people to get out and share their personal message, but the simplicity of the Oola principles has given them the confidence they needed to become a self-assured presenter when speaking in front of groups.

Your story and your message can change people’s lives!

That’s why, as a critical part of your journey, Dave and Troy want you to quickly gain confidence in presenting the Oola topics—and presenting your own life experiences—not only to your private coaching clients, but also at live and online events both large and small. So whether you need to brush up on your speaking style, learn how to process audience members who get “triggered,” or simply overcome shyness and lose the I’m-not-experienced-enough mindset, Oola has the proven techniques and strategies for you. Far above what you’d learn in a college speaking class or Toastmasters meeting, their confidence-building techniques and public-speaking mastery methods will have you at the top of your game in record time—whether you’re presenting via in person or online events.

It’s just another part of the powerful coach-development, personal-enrichment, and professional marketing resources Oola has pulled together for you as a new Certified Oola Life Coach.

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There’s only one thing to say about the comprehensive training, coaching and marketing resources we’re including… “WOW!"

Not only is it rare for a lifestyle guru or business expert to include speaker training as part of their expensive coach-certification programs, it’s virtually unheard-of to get the kind of professionally written marketing materials listed above to help you promote your coaching business, workshops and speaking career. That’s crazy, especially when we’ve all seen these other programs charge $7,500… even $12,400 to become certified—yet they don’t include anything to help you become widely known or frequently booked as a life coach.

Oola’s approach is different. In fact, the program materials and marketing tools they've prepared for you are stand-outs in the coaching industry, yet the cost to work with the OolaGuys is just a fraction of what these other courses are charging to become a transformational coach and change-agent equipped to work with people from all walks of life. But before you hear how easy and economical it is to get started, there’s so much more they have in store for you as a Certified Oola Life Coach. For instance, in addition to working personally with you and your fellow coaches, they will introduce you to a Master Coach who will help you successfully and confidently advise others on the Oola lifestyle formula—in addition to getting advice from both Dave and Troy.

You’ll meet Oola’s Master Coach as soon as you complete the training – via regular training calls held for Certified Oola Life Coaches every month.

Plus, you’ll become part of an elite network of coaches from 4 continents, 19 countries and all 50 U.S. states via a private Facebook group the OolaGuys have established just for Oola coaches.

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Other smart and positive people will be joining you in the certified Oola Life coaches community.

High-achievers think alike. They want to spend time with others who are focused and success-oriented. They thrive when they’re inspired and encouraged to pursue their loftiest goals. When you join Oola as a Certified Oola Life Coach, you’ll gain entrance into one of the most exclusive online communities today. It’s a forum and a destination where you’ll hear the latest news, discover best practices and hone your own coaching and business skills—all in kinship with other Certified Oola Life Coaches.

What could you do with this community of like-minded Oola coaches you’ll meet? Make new friends, share helpful hints, discuss new trends in coaching, or connect up separately on special projects—even humanitarian initiatives. (One caveat: pitching other Certified Oola Life Coaches on business opportunities or products you have for sale is not allowed.)

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Become a Certified Oola Life Coach for less than the cost of a week out-of-town.

Once the OolaGuys decided to take Oola Life Coaches under their wing and welcome them into their inner circle, they also became committed to giving you the best possible chance for success.

They wanted to create a coach-development program that really delivers. But when they looked at other become-a-life-coach programs as possible models for theirs, they quickly realized that the high cost of becoming a coach—$7,500… even $12,400 in some cases—was contrary to the Oola brand.

It’s not who they are. It’s not how they want to treat their community. Plus, these programs didn’t provide anything like the comprehensive marketing campaigns, social media posts, publicity tools, and business-building resources they include (and most provide no marketing at all).

Dave and Troy wondered, Could we still cover our costs and provide outstanding programming at half the cost of these other programs? Actually, yes. In fact, when they really put a pencil to it, they did way better than that to make sure you can start the training to become a Certified Oola Life Coach immediately.  

Oola wants you on their team. They’re committed in this difficult time to training coaches who will bring balance to an unbalanced world—and to achieve this goal, they’ve gone the extra mile to make sure it’s extra-affordable for you.

In fact, when you evaluate the Oola Coaching Framework against other, much more expensive programs out there, you discover there’s simply no comparison in price or value—especially when you consider that you'll get professionally designed marketing campaigns, a FREE ticket to OolaPalooza Live, tools that help sell and deliver coaching programs on your behalf, plus direct input from the Founders to make sure you get up to speed with your new coaching practice.

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Your certification continues month after month with ongoing benefits and new opportunities.

Supporting you as a Certified Oola Life Coach is a commitment Dave and Troy take very seriously. And unlike the many “certification” programs that provide a weekend training with little (if any) future support, the OolaGuys want to be there right along with you: helping you grow as both a coaching professional and a rockstar role model of what Oola can do in people’s lives. To ensure they can continuously make these support, marketing and advisory resources available to you, they’ve built in a monthly charge that’s literally a fraction of what you could earn from just one new client a month. Charged in addition to your initial training fee and billed automatically to your credit card (starting 30 days after you register), this US$97/month fee is also significantly less than you might charge for just an hour of your time doing private coaching, yet it covers:

Click below to book a call with one of Oola's friendly Advisor Coaches who can answer your questions and discuss what becoming an Oola Life Coach can do for you.

* A lapse in your $97 monthly fee will suspend many of the ongoing benefits you receive.
See FAQs below for more details.

What’s the extraordinary thing in life
that you’re supposed to do?

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Need more information about becoming a Certified Oola Life Coach?

If you’re eager to get started, but still have questions about your role—and how the Certified Oola Life Coach training program works—click below to get answers to Frequently Asked Questions.