Vision is Your Rock


Why do you still need a vision when so much of what happens in our lives is outside of our control?Every year, I celebrate January as Vision month. But this year, the excitement that I usually see online – people energized about reaching their dreams and visions and goals – has been few and far between. I think it's because what we've been through in 2020 might have been the first major upset in their lives. Any time we have something sideswipe us, something that we didn't see coming, it rocks our confidence. And when our confidence is rocked, we start doubting. When we start doubting, we start believing all the lies and all the misperceptions.This year, people are perceiving that most things are outside of their control.

The Truth

I'm here to tell you the truth: most of how your life looks today, and how it will look tomorrow, the next three months, and even next year is ALL within your control. I know this because I’ve lived it.I’ve been through a lot in my life. I've been around for 58 years now and raised two kids and built two businesses.I’ve also had a lot of loss. I lost my husband in July of 2014 to suicide and then three years later lost my 25-year-old son to suicide as well. I did not see any of that coming. What saved me and what has been my rock, my anchor in all the storms of my life is my vision.

Vision as the Anchor

So it’s time to alter that line of thinking, that you shouldn’t be building a vision when you don’t know what’s going to happen.It’s totally the opposite. Without the vision, being so anchored in my purpose and knowing who I am and why I'm here, I could easily have given it all up and drifted off course. Right now, we need people with vision like we've never needed it before, because people are looking around at each other instead of to the outside world for inspiration.If we aren't following our vision and our purpose, we're simply enabling each other to give up.

The Reality of Change

You may have given up because you've had some difficult things happen in your life. I get it. You may be really afraid about writing your vision, your goals, and your dreams right now because so much has happened and we're not quite certain what's going to happen next.But change is inevitable, my friend. It's always been that way. Regardless of a pandemic and everything else that has gone with it, change is going to come. And the way to handle it is to get really rooted in knowing who you are, what you stand for, and what your purpose is that you want to carry out before you leave this Earth.Get clear on the legacy you want to leave behind for the very people that you love and want to help have a better life. In 2021, we need so badly to have a vision and goals. If you are dragging your feet and you haven't done it yet, I would love for you to admit it to yourself. That’s the first step. The next step is to write it down.And here’s how you can get it down on paper and begin to live it:

Vision is Victory Academy

Make this year really count. We are looking for our first "Founding 50" young adults (aged 18 to 35) to not only grow personally, but become a part of a movement for their generation with Vision is Victory Academy (VIVA). We’ll begin by tackling the three big problems we see young people struggling with.

  1. Lack of vision, focus, and not knowing your purpose
  2. Unclear about your personal core values leading to a lack of healthy boundaries  
  3. Changing your mindset about money and how you manage it

Graduates of this academy will have a leap-off-the-page vision for their life, healthy relationships and boundaries in place for themselves.  They will be confident in the wealth they are building. When all of these puzzle pieces fit together, stress melts away to reveal an abundance of joy and the feeling of leading a fulfilled life!Comment with the word Vision for more information about how you or the young adults in your life can be part of this life-changing program.Vision is victory,

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