Traveling in a changed world


As someone who traveled extensively before, during, and after the pandemic, I have made several observations.

This was especially true from the last few trips I have taken, where I have been around and involved with people in many different circumstances; airport personnel, Lyft drivers, hotel staff, and those participating in events with me.

Prior to the pandemic, interaction on a kindness level was in some ways, a thoughtless hit or miss process.  You were either interacting with a kind person, being kind, or neither.

When I traveled during the shutdown, for obvious reasons, there was very little verbal interaction and if you wanted to be kind in word or action extra effort was required. The “stay 6-feet apart” and mask rules made it impossibly difficult to show physical affection, smile, or hear kind words.

Now, I notice myself and others sincerely making an effort to be extra kind. I believe that one good thing that has came out of these last two or more years is that we are all in this together; we are ALL struggling with something and we are ALL connected as humans.

On my last trip, I committed to being extra kind in general as well as while travelling.  Here are some things I have done; I hope you will share your acts of kindness as well…..

When traveling I now do these things:

In general, be patient with all staff employees everywhere. They are understaffed, dealing with supply shortages, and are doing the best they can; again tip and over tip if you can!

Lastly, be kind to yourself and give yourself compassion for everything you have been through.

I have a sign in my house that says “Even on my worst days I am killing it!’ I hope you remember that today!