The Secrets to Reaching Your Goals


How are you doing with the goals you set for 2021?Statistically speaking, less than 8% of the population actually hits the goals they set at the beginning of the year. That's why today I'm going to share with you THREE SECRETS to help you stay on track and be a part of the 8% who will crush your goals this year.Secret #1We have to set target dates on goals.A lot of people write a goal that they’re going to do something, but they don't put a real target date on it, a non-negotiable do or die.If, for example, you've got a weight loss goal for this year, it shouldn’t be "I'm going to lose weight this year." There’s no sense of urgency and no number attached to make the goal measurable. Instead, set a goal to lose 10 pounds by September 1st because you have to attend an important event. That will help you stay motivated!When I talk to people about setting their vision and goals, I ask what's the date they plan to achieve each goal. Once you have a target date, you can reverse engineer the plan.

Secret #2Attach your goal to something really big and really important to you that is outside of yourself. It’s, unfortunately, human nature to give up on yourself. We tend to value other people more than we value ourselves. When you attach non-negotiable goals with target dates to something beyond you, you’re much more likely to follow through. Every year that I worked in the network marketing industry, I had the opportunity to earn a trip. And every year, it was non-negotiable for me to earn that trip for my family. We love to travel and traveling with a family of four can be pretty expensive, so I started attaching my goals to earning those trips for them.Look around you and see if you can attach goals to something that's way bigger than yourself. And while you’re at it, make sure you tell people about it because if you don't like letting people down, you’ll be more accountable to the goal as well.Secret #3You have to identify what the obstacle is between what you’re thinking and what the goal is and break free from it. The obstacles are the walls that we face. If we don't identify what the real obstacle is, we're going to keep hitting the same wall that prevents us from achieving the goals.Many people set the same resolutions and goals over and over every year because they set them without identifying what's really tripping them up. It’s not what we think it is. It's never time and money. It's not all the outside circumstances happening in our lives. So many people pull back from going after a goal because they believe they are not in control of their outside circumstances and they have to wait for those things to change. This couldn’t be further from the truth.Start paying attention to what you are saying to yourself. Is it stories that aren’t true? Are they lies that you’ve made up and believe to be true?You have to identify the real obstacle and then go to work at changing that.There are many ways to break this cycle:

I really want YOU to be part of the 8%. That's why I'm here. That's why I teach vision and goal setting. That’s why I teach that you matter, you have a purpose, and you have a calling.Are you ready to put your business goals in action right now to start seeing consistent income? Don't let another year get away! Click here to connect with me today.Vision is victory,

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