Summer Of Hope


In this very challenging world we live in where it seems it is just one tragedy after another I know if can be hard to hold on to hope. My heart is so heavy for the families in Uvalde, Texas as I know yours is, too. I just want to wrap all of those people in so much love and prayer.

How do we hold on to hope when we are feeling helpless, discouraged, sad, and defeated?

We have to believe and know that this is a daily battle of the mind which then affects how we feel (our spirit), and then how we take action. That is why it is so important that we make a commitment to first capturing our thoughts, and being aware of where those thoughts are starting. So much of what we think comes from lies from our past, circumstances that has shaped our life, and unfortunately a lot of what we are choosing to watch.

I have shared many times publicly how the first hour (or more) of my day is spent in quiet time where I pray, read devotions, and write out all of my gratitudes. Even on the most challenging days I can lift my spirits by being grateful for my life as it is and for all of the blessings. If ever I want to get into a pity party all I have to do is look around. There are always people who are going through something much worse and praying for them puts everything in perspective.

What also helps me hold on to hope is spending time every day doing something I love, being with family or friends, and having clear intentions for the day that will bring me closer to the vision I hold for my life. I promise you that your current situation does not have to define what you create for your future.

The communities of people I spend time and surround myself with is the game changer for having hope. I have especially been careful with choosing who to allow around me when I have been going through the darkest times. When you really need the spirit of hope be so very aware of how the people around you are making you feel and make any changes you need.

Lastly, I remind myself always to choose Faith over Fear. I am a complete believer that everything is in God’s perfect plan. As much as we despise what is happening in the world I do know this is a spiritual battle and that God wins.

I want to tell you how grateful I am for all of YOU who give me hope and inspire me to keep encouraging you to Keep Looking Up.