Start the Year with a Vision


I had an ah-ha moment the other day.As I was scrolling Facebook waiting for my plane to take off, I realized that I haven't seen as many people post about their 2021 goals, the way I normally do this time of year.As a vision coach, I talk a lot about goals, dreams, and setting vision. So I expect to see my social media feed brimming with people sharing how excited they are to crush their goals, to check those resolutions off their list, every January.But this year, I haven't seen too much of that.

Setting Goals

As a matter of fact, I have been noticing the opposite – people have been dragging their feet on setting their goals.Here’s what concerns me. Because we’ve just had a year like no other, with totally unexpected events, I'm guessing the overall thought for most people is, why bother?Why bother writing out a vision of this big beautiful life that I really want?Why bother setting all these goals?They think there’s no point when every single day something can happen that could push them off course.

Get Clarity

Well, take it from me, big stuff does happen. I lost my husband and my son to suicide just three years apart. The big stuff can derail you for a little while, for sure.But no matter what is going on in the outside world, you can still go after your vision and your dreams, even if it means that some things change.Vision is getting very clear on your calling. It's not about getting clear on all the things that you want to have or want to do. While those things are important too, the really big nugget in writing your vision is finding out what your true purpose is. And when you get rooted in that, like I have been for over 25 years of my life, all sorts of things can change logistically in your life, but you don't drift from your purpose.You can't quit that.

Getting Started with Vision

So, if you haven't done it yet, I want to give you three tips right now that can help you get started writing your vision.You need to make your vision bigger than you.

Be of Service

My vision always includes what I'm doing to serve people. My needs are pretty much met, in fact, so everything I do, every single day, is all about filling the needs of other people. I do what I do in service of others.One of my core values is that I always keep my word. When I tell people I'm going to do something, I would never even think of not doing it.What keeps me going every single day is that I have a whole lot of people that I want to serve who I know are counting on me. So even if I have a day where I don't feel like doing it, I do it anyway because it's not about me!

Suit Up for the Day

You've also got to get your head and your heart in the right space, first thing each day. I do what I call suiting up for the day the first hour or more depending on how I'm feeling when I wake up.I have to get into a really quiet space to make sure that I get my head in the right place. I get my heart aligned with my purpose and I get really clear on what my three biggest intentions are for the day.Most of us wake up with some pretty negative thoughts. It’s hard not to these days especially when we read the news or social media on our phones or watch the news on TV.What I learned from my mentor David Meltzer, is that the first thought of the day is the only thought of the day. Every thought you have after that thought is just a reaction to the first thought. Makes sense, doesn't it?My mornings include reading a devotional, reading Scripture. I journal. I read from a book that I'm reading or listening on audible. And I read my affirmations over and over again before I tackle the day.Then I've got my head and my heart and my spirit in the right place.Please adopt this as a daily habit, if you haven't done it yet. It changed my life when I started doing it 15 years ago and it's gotten me through everything in life.

Find a Mentor or Coach

My biggest saving grace as far as the success I've had in my life and the ability to keep persevering even on the days where I've wanted to quit, has been having a coach, or a mentor, and being part of a group that provides accountability and support.If you're not in a group, and you're not getting coached and mentored you're more likely to drift, to feel the doubt and the fear more heavily, and to stop yourself all the time.I want to invite you to keep going after your vision and your dreams and your goals right now. Grab a connect call with me today by clicking here.Vision is victory,

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