It's my birthday!


I truly cannot believe these words are coming out of my mouth, but I am turning 60 today! I am in a complete state of disbelief as I just turned 40 YESTERDAY!

Every year in the month of my birthday I usually take a beach trip (going soon!) and spend some quiet time reflecting on my life.

I bring my journal that has my vision and all my hopes & dreams in it from the previous year and write them again. I check in with my life and search my heart to connect to what I truly, truly want to create. I have to honestly tell you that very little changes unless there has been a life circumstance that was outside of my control, I have already accomplished some of it, or my lifestyle took a major hit in some way which pushed me in a different direction. You know you are living your life with purpose when your vision just gets simpler and deeper as you age.

Someone asked me yesterday “What does one give to someone turning 60?” My off -the- cuff answer was ‘a facelift?’ (Joking, not joking?)

But then I really pondered the question and here is my list of what I wish for on this momentous birthday:

I just simply want to keep getting more real, more loved, more compassionate, and more generous to help the people I am called to serve.

I am beyond grateful for the life I have had so far and for all of YOU! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me now.

In honor of my birthday and if you feel lead, you could make a donation of any amount to this organization that Laurel and I have aligned ourselves with. They bring hope to high school kids by teaching them that they matter and how to follow their own big dreams

Help show support to Generation Why!

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