Finding your 'Who' before your 'What'


My Virtual Assistant and I (who is amazing by the way, if you are looking for one!) agreed in an email chat this week that we both can sense a ‘Society is tired’ kind of feeling going on in the world right now. Are you feeling that, too?

Maybe it’s just me and the state I am in personally, but I see so many people questioning all the things they do and have in their life, and some are making some big, bold shifts. I shared with you in my last email and post that I have had this overwhelming tug to do less and allow space in my life to really follow God’s will and vision for my life. This might also have something to do with the fact that I turned 60 this month - yikes! Yet, everywhere I look, I see people (even the high overachievers like yours truly) being courageous enough to let some things go, even if it means changing financial status, careers, and relationships.

My new mentor/coach, Brian Bogart, calls this putting the ‘who’ before the ‘what’. I have been working on this the past three months, and it has been some of the hardest work I have ever done. It involves a whole new level of self-respect, changing old mindsets about rest vs. work, and above all, not filling up my calendar to validate my life.

I talked to a young 32-year-old friend of mine yesterday and told him to work on this now because it’s WAY more difficult when you are my age!

Here are some ways I have made some progress in such a short time:

I am excited for the summer months to keep practicing this, especially to see the bigger vision come to life! As a speaker, author, and coach, I am still very confident that finding this balance in my life will make me SO much better for all of you and the people coming that I am called to serve.

Are you feeling this need also to Pause and Reassess who you are being and what you are doing before this year gets away from you?