10 Tips to Live Your Best Life


What have you done for yourself today?Here are 10 Tips to living your ideal life, reach your goals, and have joy today and every day.

Write your Vision

Always remember that a written, crystal clear vision HAS to come before writing a goal. The vision has to be the root for what goals you really want to achieve and be able to stick to when the going gets rough.

Create A Vision Board

If you don’t have a vision board, today is the day to make one! I believe in the power of ‘what the mind sees, it can believe and achieve!’ Grab an accountability partner (live or virtually) and spend time creating your boards and talking about your dreams.

Don’t Worry About How

Don’t get tripped up with having to know the ‘how’ before writing your vision. The Vision comes first and the how will show up. Think BIG! It takes the same amount of energy to think big as it does to think small – maybe even less. When we are thinking small, we leave room for fear and self-doubt. Move into the higher vibration and watch the magic.

Stick to Your Zone

Stay in your ‘Zone of Genius’ more. That Zone is the place where you are operating out of your unique purpose that no one else can carry out. Let the other stuff either be delegated or dumped altogether.

Spend Time With Positive People

Be mindful of the company you are keeping. You truly are a product of the five people you spend the most amount of time with, so doesn’t it make sense to spend it with positive, personal growth-oriented, encouraging, successful people? They are so much more fun to hang with!

Set A Date

Remember that in order to direct your daily/weekly/monthly activities we need to have target dates for our goals. It is what keeps us intentional with what we do every day. Without dates, we can easily put things off. What one thing do you intend to achieve this year that is non-negotiable? Put a date on it!

Start The Day Right

First thing in your day should be quiet time. How you start the day is how the day goes. Read something inspirational, journal your thoughts and gratitudes, and decide on just three things that are the BEST things to accomplish that day.

Revisit It

Revisit your written vision often. It will inspire you to keep going! And, if you haven’t looked at it lately, you may find that you have ‘magically’ accomplished some of the things you have written!

Share It

Have you shared your vision with anyone lately? I encourage you to reach out to someone you really admire and ask to share it with them. I have always had mentors that I aspire to be like and I’ve told them my dreams and goals. They have become my biggest cheerleaders on the days I really need one!

The Anchor

Just because life can throw us unexpected changes does not mean our vision was wrong. As a matter of fact, I have learned that the more rooted in my vision I have become, the more my life experiences helped me to expand and see the meaning in it all. My vision has been one of my anchors in all life’s storms. Vision is victory,

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